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Lil' Bitter Pixie Face Painting & Body Art

Lil' Bitter Pixie Face Painting & Body Art

 Lead Artist Judith Bautista / Kahlovera

Art for me has been a passing of right.  I was born into this world with a wild passion for art and it is my mother who I feel I have to thank for it.

My earliest memories are of waking up Saturday mornings to join my mom who would be up at the crack of dawn working on her oil paintings. She instilled in me this infinite love for the arts. Since childhood my love for art has only grown stronger and has opened many doors for me.  In my senior year of high school my art was entered into a competition, landing me with the winning prize of a round trip to visit the White House in Washington D.C. This recognition opened my eyes and geared me to work in association with other influential artist who challenged me to learn face painting. Little did I know that challenge would one day turn into such a profitable business.

I have delved into various forms of art, such  acrylic paintings, jewelry making, paper mache, ceramics, drawing, crafting and any other form of art I can get my crafty hands on; but I  find that the art of face painting has had thee most instant rewards because of the beautiful little smiles I get from children, when they see my art on their faces. 

As a profession, I work and have been working with children for 17 years with the Los Angeles School District.

 I started as an art instructor for children in the L..A.'S Best After School Enrichment program in Boyle Heights and am now the Site Coordinator at my site. I oversee a large group of 110  little nutty kids. Needless to say, I love children. The experiences I have gained from working so closely with children for over a decade have taught me a lot about the importance of  making them feel safe, valued and heard. When I am face painting the little person in my chair is the one in charge. No persistent parent can force me to paint anything other than what the little guy in my chair feels his little heart truly desires. Children are creative geniuses and if they are not afraid to express who they are freely without inhibitions who are we to instill self doubt in them..

My experience with face painting spans over 14 years but it wasn't until 2011 that I decided I would intentionally invest myself into creating my own business.

I am happy to say it was a great move. Lil' Bitter Pixie Face Painting has been going strong from day one and the demand for service is greater to that which only one woman can provide so I've decided to expand it. I  now have a team of artist who are reliable, professional and extremely talented. I am confident that as a team we can provide you with the best quality, fun, colorful experience. Smiles on our clients faces are our top priority and we are ready to be forever part of your families best memories. We are in the business of bringing smiles to all your special events with colorful fun quality face painting. Thank You for Your loyal love & support.

..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Love Judith.

Lil' Bitter Pixie Face Painting & Body Art

Nancy Chacon Villalobos /

Face Painting Artist & Makeup Artist

My name is Nancy,

Halloween and Day of the Dead are  the two holidays that lead me to become in tuned with my creative side. Applying makeup for these two holidays Is where my obsession for makeup first developed.  When I realized I had an ability to create different looks I was intrigued. Over the years I have worked at becoming a professional make-up artist.  I am fortunate enough to have converted my passion into my career!  It is because of my love for Halloween that I decided to pursue my interest in special effects make-up. I have taken a variety of courses in special effects make-up in which I have developed my practices in prosthetics and airbrush. Day of the Dead has is also a favorite, being that it brings me closer to my roots.  I love face painting elaborate Calaveras, It allows  me to truly use my creativity.   I  am a certified makeup artist in beauty application, hairstyling, airbrush application and special effects. My goal is to create my own signature style of make-up application.  A style that will be recognized as one of kind.

Lil' Bitter Pixie Face Painting & Body Art

Viviana Duenas

Face Painting Artist & Balloon Artist

My name is Viviana Duenas. I have been a face painter for about 3 years now, but I have been a student of the arts all of my life. I have a passion for my work and dedication to the art I can create with the stroke of a brush. I am honored and grateful to be part of  the Lil’ Bitter Pixie team because I am amongst very talented and inspiring women. My life takes good meaning when I’m able to share the love of creating art on someone’s face and the joy it brings to a child. Thank you for inviting me into your home it is a true honor to be able to share my love of painting.