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  Fees are based on an hourly rate & start at ...

 $125 an hour (per artist) with a 2 hour minimum

 (A $50 booking deposit is required to reserve your date.)


 2hrs, 1 artist = $250

 2hrs, 2 artist = $500...


  Areas we cover:

  We are based in Pomona, CA. and we travel within a 20 mile radius,  free of charge.  Any additional traveling may come with a traveling fee depending on the distance.

  Some of the cities we cover are:

  Pomona, Chino Hills, Covina, Monrovia, Rancho Cucamonga, Whittier, Upland, Sandimas, Pasadena, Pico Rivera, Montebello, El Monte, Hollywood, Commerce, Huntington Park, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, Alhambra,

  and more...

 You must fill out the request form to get an accurate quote.

  How to know how many hours to book?

 Our artist paint approximately 8-12 faces per hour depending on complexity of the design.

 Please take into consideration the amount of guest you will be expecting at your event when booking artist and anticipate some of the grown ups also joining in on the  face painting fun.

 We want to make sure each little smiling face receives the same quality of work.

  How Far In Advance Should I Book?

 It is advised that you book your date at least two weeks in advance or sooner.

 Due to a high volume of request we recommend booking 1-2 months in advance.

 Remember, your request is not confirmed until we receive your deposit.

 How do I go about booking?

 To request to book your date you must thoroughly read,  fill out and summit the form provided below.  We will be contacting you

 to  confirm the time and date availability and  set up the deposit transaction.


 A $50 deposit  is required to reserve your date.

 The deposit is  required so that we can minimize the loss wages for the artist in the case of a cancellation, problem with scheduling or change of plans.

 A cancelled event can be very costly for the artist so we will not make any exceptions.

  Method of Payment

 Deposits can be made via PayPal or check by mail.

 The remaining balance will be collected the day of the event: CASH ONLY

 What do we require from the party host?

 It is crucial that the person who will be in charge of the transaction , the party host  and or the contact person are all familiar with the requirements. 

Please provide our artist with a clean, spacious, comfortable working space. It is important that the artist be placed in an area that is shaded away from direct sunlight  or harsh inclement weather.  Our face painting makeup cracks & does not respond well to the direct heat of the sun and neither do the children waiting in line. 

Rain or Shine...

 Artist will not work out doors if the climate is below 60 degrees or if it's raining. We also strongly advice against face painting outdoors when the temperature is above 80 degrees. 

 Face paints are water based and water activated and will be difficult to maintain on the child's faces if they are profusely sweating.

 If the climate is extreme please be prepared to move the party indoors into a space with controlled climate.

 Working area must be fully lit at ALL times

 If you are hosting an afternoon event and anticipate it will run into sundown please prepare a backup plan.  We can only paint as well as  we can see.

 Artist will need to be provided with sufficient lighting. 

 Set up:

 Artist  will require a 4-6 foot rectangular table and 2 chairs. 

Our set up takes up a whole table. We advise against assigning a table that is designated for more than just face painting.

 We ask that the designated painting table  please be placed away from any cooking grill or loud speaker system.


 Can babies get painted?

 We prefer to paint on children who are 2 years of age or older.

 For some young children the idea of a stranger writing on their face can make them feel a little uneasy .

 We will not assist parents to force their child to get painted if the child is unhappy  or uncomfortable with the idea. 
It is important to us that face painting be a remembered as a pleasant experience for each child.

 As an alternative we can offer the child be painted on their hand.


 Each child must have the opportunity to get painted once before we offer them a chance to get a second painting.

 This ensures that if time runs out all children will still have had a pleasant experience.

 The line of spectators must be at least 3 ft. away from the artist's working area.

  This allows for the artist to move comfortably,

 and prevents any pushing that can cause major problems for both the person being painted and the artist.

 The contact person and chaperon must be available to meet and greet the face painting artist at the booked arrival time.

 The contact person should also be available for the last  8 minutes before the artist's departure, to facilitate with the closing of the line and make decisions whether they want to extend their contract hours or close off the face painting booth. This will also ensure that the artist get paid in a timely manner.

 At the closing of the event the artist must get paid the exact amount of the remaining balance in cash (only).

  Children must not be left unattended.

The artist will focus solely on painting the little person in her chair and cannot be responsible for controlling or managing the line.

 An assistant (Chaperon) who is familiar with the party guest must be provided by the party host in order to facilitate with the flow of the line and/or with any unruly children, line cutting or problem parents.

 Chaperon Duties:

  Assist with the flow of the line and crowd control.

  Help manage kids.

 Help keep little curious hands out of the face painting kit.

 Keep line from hindering the face painting process, by 

  keeping it 3 ft. away from the face painters working area.

   Keep children from climbing on artist.

 Assist with dumping out soiled water.

 Help with the closing of the line and secure that face painter gets paid in a timely manner.

  (Having a chaperon that is part of, or knows the family is very beneficial and strongly recommended.)

 If the party host cannot provide an assistant for the artist, they can request that the artist bring their own chaperon at the expense of an extra $10 an hour.

 If the party host has agreed to provide chaperon and fails to do so the day of the event, they will be charged the additional $10 an hour.

In the event of a cancellation we ask that the party host notify us 24hrs prior to the booked event start time. Deposits are non refundable but if you notify us with sufficient time we will try our best to transfer the deposit to another available date that works for both

the client and "Lil" Bitter Pixie". 


 As a health precaution artist will not paint on anyone who has any signs of a cold, cold soars, rash or  any sort of broken skin.

  Face painter will not work in a violent environment. If at any point the environment becomes dangerous or hostile the face painter reserves the right to terminate the previously booked hours and will be expected to be paid in full.

  Face painting should be fun for all, the participant, the artist and the spectators.  We want to make sure that everyone has a blast! 

  These regulations are set in place to ensure that we keep a comfortable, safe and and quality experience for everybody. We promise to make it a wonderful and memorable day for you and your party guest.



To request to book your date you must thoroughly fill out and summit the form provided below. Once we confirm your date and time availability we will call you to arrange the deposit transaction. The deposit is none refundable and is used solely to secure your date. Once the artist receives the deposit It will be credited towards the remaining balance.

Contact us @:

Please feel free to reach us at

[email protected]

or via text at (323) 351-1096

 If you are ready to proceed, please fill out the application below.

(Please do not fill out this form unless you are certain you are ready to book)


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