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Please read all the information down below before filling out the booking application.

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Where will the event take place?
What kind of event is it?
What services would you like to book?

Thanks for submitting!

We will be getting back to you shortly.


Important Information!!!!

Rates can be found in our services page.

All of our services require a $50 deposit.
 In the event that you request multiple artist the deposit fee may increase.
All deposits will be deducted from your total balance.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
In the event of a cancellation or postponement the deposit will go to the artist to make up for lost wages.



 We only use professional, cosmetic grade makeup /  glitters that are FDA compliant,

non toxic and kid friendly :)

To request to book your date you must fill out and submit the booking form on our booking page. Once we verify availability we will contact you to arrange the deposit transaction. Deposits must be receive within 6 hours after verifying availability.

Method of payment?

Deposits can be made via Venmo or Paypal. 

The deposit will be credited towards the absolute balance.

The remaining balance will be collected the day of the event CASH ONLY.

How to know how many hours to book?

Our artist can paint approximately 8-12 faces per hour, depending on the complexity of the requested designs.

Please take into consideration the amount of guest you will be expecting at your event when booking the artist and anticipate some of the grown-ups to also join in on the fun. We want to ensure each little smiling face receives the same quality of service.

What is required from the party host?

It is important that the person who will be in charge of the transaction, the party host, and the contact person are all familiar with the contract requirements and are available to meet with the artist at the begging and end of the event.

  • Setting:

Please provide our artist with a comfortable, clean, spacious working space. It is important that the artist be placed in an area that is shaded away from direct sunlight or harsh inclement weather.

Both balloons and face paints can be damaged by being in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.  

Please also consider the comfort of your little guest. They usually become very fidgety if they are in direct sunlight which may result in prolonging the face painting process or

excessive sweating which will melt the face paint right off.

In an effort to provide comfort to the guest and clear communication between the guest and artist

we ask that designated painting area please be setup away from cooking grill or loud speaker system.

  • Lighting:

Please provide proper lighting for our artist. If you are hosting an afternoon event and anticipate it will run into sundown. Please make accommodations to provide the artist with sufficient, quality lighting.

  • Setup:

Our artist are often booked for multiple events within a day, some providing multiple services. Most of the events only leave a 1 hour window of time for the artist to arrive, find parking, setup, pack up and load up to be on their way to the next event. In an effort to save time we would like to request that the host provide a designated table and 2 chairs. We require a 4-6 ft rectangular table. Our setup takes up a whole table. We would advise against assigning a table that is being used for more than just face painting. If you cannot provide a table please let us know so that we can make other arrangements. 

  • Rain Or Shine...

Please provide artist with indoor options if the climate is below 60% or if it is raining.
We also strongly advise against face painting outdoors when the temperature is above 80%.

Face paints are water base and water activated. They will be difficult to maintain on the face if the person getting painted is excessively sweating.

Consider Glitter Tattoos as an alternative.

  • Managing the face painting line:

For safety reasons the face painting line and spectators must be kept 3 feet away from the  artist working area. This allows the artist to move comfortably without bumping into the guest and prevents any pushing that can cause a major safety concerns for both the person being painted and the artist.

 Lastly please help keep little curious hands out of the face painting/ balloon twisting kit.

Children must not be left unattended.

A adult from the party must be vigilant of children at all times. 
This will help facilitate  with the flow of the line, and crowd control.


As a health precaution artist will not paint on anyone who shows signs of a cold, cold soars, rash, or any sort of broken skin / open wounds.

Can babies get painted?

It is advised that the painting be offered only to children who are 3 years of age and older. Baby reactions can be unpredictable. We do not want to compromise their safety. We will not paint any children that do not wish to get painted even if the parent insist. It is important to us that the face painting experience be remembered as a pleasant experience for each child. As an alternative we can suggest getting an arm painting if the child would like

Fairness System:

In an effort to be fair each child must have had the opportunity to be painted once or to get 1 balloon before we offer seconds. This will help ensure that if the time runs out all children will still have had

a pleasant experience.

Please fell free to contact us:
Please feel free to contact us via text with any further questions. 
You can request for a call back if you'd prefer.

(323) 351-1096

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